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By : Suman Kumari, MBA/PGDM student, Banasthali University
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 Who is Sonia Gandhi: There is officially no Sonia Gandhi. Her real name in passport is neither Gandhi nor Sonia. Its Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. Sonia is a Russian name and not Italian. However, Antonia is an Italian name and her passport is Italian. Though she has married Rajiv Gandhi* she never accepted change of title officially. ( recall the time of turmoil in Indian politics when Sonia Gandhi was trying to be the prime minister, but ultimately Manmohan Singh became her toy) *Rajiv Gandhi: Actually Rajiv Khan being the son of Firoz Khan and Indira Priyadarshani. Gandhi is an assumed title to sentimentally lure indians for their political benefit. They are muslims by religion. Father: Stefano Eugene Maino is socially the father of Sonia. Her father was a German(Hitlers army). When Hitlers army went to Russia they were captured and imprisoned. He was captured near St. Petersburg and was imprisoned for 20 years. But he became a member of KGB and his imprisonment was limited to 4 years. When he came back from prison he gave Russian name to his daughters. Social father because when she was born her father was in jail for 4 years. Biological father is unconfirmed. Mother: Paula Maino. Family: She had 2 sistersin Orbassano, Italy Birthplace Sonia claims she was born in Besano, near Turin in Italy. However, as per her birth certificate, She is actually born is Luciana, in the borders of Switzerland. A resort town for German soldiers during war. Education: She initially put forward to Indian Govt. that she studied in Cambridge University which proved to be fake. She submitted an affidavit that she studied English in Bell Education trust at Cambridge. Even this was proven to be fake and was found she never got any education after class five. She was a young girl with no formal education living five years in England. How did she support her livelihood for 5 years? Any wild guesses? Citizenship: She has not given off her Italian citizenship. Indira Gandhi used her power to issue her an Indian Citizenship so that she can join Indian politics. She is holding an illegal citizenship in India. No action is being taken by Home Minister. Religion: Christianity. Bank Balance: Rajiv Gandhi and his family owned 2 billion USD in Swiss Bank as of November,1991. Benefitiary of death of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was Sonia Gandhi. Family: Sonia's sister Alexandria(or Anuska) has 2 shops in Italy selling antiques stolen from India. Sonia used her power to smuggle Indian artifacts through Air India flights uninspected. Sonia's son Rahul Gandhi, whose real name is Raul Vinci. He got admitted to Harvard in quota but was thrown off soon because he was incompetant. He has Italian citizenship since his mother never gave up her citizenship. He cannot officially become the citizen of India or any politician in India as long as he doesn't give up his Italian citizenship. Arrested in Boston airport for carrying 160,000 dollars cash, accompanied by Veronique (Spanish). Veronique is the daughter of Drug mafia leader. Rahul has also been accused for gang raping Sukanya Devi, whose petition to all courts in India have been rejected due to their political hold and the whereabouts of the family is unknown. However, the information is widely available online. **********Friends PLEASE DO SHARE this information with the people because only general awareness can cure this nation and the corrupt government will never reveal the truth ************

 Top Comment : Suryanarayan Murthy   | 10 04 2011 06:25:16 +0000
I read about it elsewhere. We can neither deny nor accept this - since these are unconfirmed reports.
29 comments on "Who is SONIA GANDHI? ( Every Indian Should Know This )"
  Commented by  Indukuri Anil Kumar Reddy, Dental Surgeon, ANOO'S DENTAL CLINIC AND IMPLANT CENTRE, MADANAPALLE, CHITTOOR , ANDHRA PRADESH. INDIA    | 08 26 2013 11:50:59 +0000
i don't mind if the leader of congress party is an italian or  an indian. but i was really shocked to see that  both sonia and rahul have presented false details about their education qualification . we indians should be really ashamed  of this. may be we would have been more happy if we knew that sonia was a fifth standard drop out . and a diploma in english from a regular college which every  d & h  have in india and may be u can buy one of those diplomas from not so famous colleges. i am worried that we have to run this country with a fifth class drop out when india has tonnes of intellectuals ..... shame on us indians. arise and awake ...... u know that rajiv gandhi has the highest swiss bank balance compared to any indian and still we are running after the fake gandhis to run/ ruin this country....... look for real gandhis or godseys who are frank and straight forward... no chaeting business....... wake up 
  Commented by  sudhakar, BUSINESS CONSULTANT    | 08 16 2013 16:20:22 +0000
Dr. Subramaniasamy during walk the talk show in Jaya T.V a leading channel some years back revealed her history and whatever Ms Suman Kumari mentioned is true.
  Commented by  Somnath Pal, Project Manager, IT    | 07 18 2013 07:11:03 +0000
Hi Suman, we cannot say this is confirmed hence the Authenticity is a question but i appreciate the efforts & there are few here who said you should not publish this without confirming its Authenticity or should not post personal stuff about a politics or so, so... i totally disagree with this non sense... i got this information in whatsapp & i became curious to know this, without sharing this information my curiosity would have not got such a boost & moreover even if a piece of this information is correct then it is a big shame & everyone should know it because this are the people who swear to us that they are clean. Dirty politics! About their personal life, i can say if Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev can go to hunger strike & if they can dig their personal life, then why not us knowing their personal life & what was their past because it is the same past which groomed their present. I dislike the congress & the name Gandhi, it is sucking blood of our nation with its name... if i put my surname as Gandhi & join politics with this dirt then i will definately gets some popularity & fame regardless of how sinful i was or i am now
  Commented by  CaptainMukesh Sparrow, M.Sc student, St. Anne's High School    | 07 04 2013 20:00:12 +0000
Yes suman I appreciate u a lot thst, above mentioned things are right,but for  ruling the country we need someone if they r doing so its ok.... we will  see ,we  can just keep an watch on our leaders, and also about their act.
  Commented by  Nilesh Patel, Senior Manager Production, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited    | 10 03 2012 03:35:16 +0000
refrain from posting such googled information..   
  Commented by  Lokesh Gupta, tech, Creative Animation Studio    | 08 21 2012 17:39:19 +0000
<a rel=nofollow href=''>CCNA Answer</a>
  Commented by  Lokesh Gupta, tech, Creative Animation Studio    | 08 21 2012 17:38:37 +0000
  Commented by  Lokesh Gupta, tech, Creative Animation Studio    | 08 21 2012 17:37:48 +0000
  Commented by  Shashi Singh, B.Com student, Marwari College, Ranchi    | 07 31 2012 14:45:59 +0000
thanx suman for evading the curtain......ur view is realy appreciable.
keep it up
  Commented by  Harinder Singh, Pharmacist/Chemist/Bio Chemist, Panjab University, Chandigarh    | 03 31 2012 12:44:12 +0000
mr james everyone in India has moral right to speak and that too if its absolute truth
  Commented by  Richa Dubey, Dietician/Nutritionist, Prodigy healyhcare    | 01 05 2012 13:54:18 +0000
u r wrong Mr firoz was a parsi not muslim his surname was not khan while marrying to indira ji bapu gandhi has given his surname
  Commented by  Peeyush Chauhan, Associate/Sr. Associate -(Technical)    | 10 25 2011 15:50:12 +0000
Yea, few points mentioned herein seems to be true. Rest unconfirmed..
  Commented by  shubham agarwal, Associate/Sr. Associate -(Technical), Birlasoft Limited    | 10 25 2011 07:47:54 +0000
Suman you are right and there are many other things that have been moulded and brought infront of the people of India. Many things have been hidden just for the sake of politics. The biggest irony is, those who can't be true about their origin, they promise to be true leaders.
  Commented by  Shephali Shaligram Bhagat, Bio-Medical Engineer, Govt of Mah. Health Services    | 10 25 2011 05:45:15 +0000
Dear Suman , I really appreciate your information, but still I am not able to believe it, that how people can do such things for the sake of politics.
  Commented by  nikhil deshpande, Sr Engineer planning, Rohan Builders India Pvt Ltd    | 10 25 2011 05:06:53 +0000
Ms Suman ,
 There are facts about so many people which cannot be accepted to be the true leadres and face of our country out side it. but still are enjoying the position.
  Commented by  VISHWA DEEPAK MISHRA, HR-Talent Acquisition Cum Business Development Manager, Leading IT Giant.    | 10 08 2011 07:17:59 +0000
Rating : +3 
Well suman i really appreciate this info,I wouldnt make you feel bad about your initiation,Here @ toostep,Ofcouse that is vital,that's why you are getting feedback,But still as commented by many Experts here,Neither we can accept this nor we can deny,But still;
We need to analyse the indepth truth, Being a human i really appreciate Sonia's Contribution to our nation,Remember people raised many racial comments,she's critisized often,but still after rajiv's assasination she would have gone back to italy,but this is a fact that she has dedicated her whole life to india,
She is much of an indian now than we are.

Lets dont forget Being a true citizen is much more above than belonging from any political party or supporting any side of politics.
  Commented by  manish kumar, SEO | Web-cms Developer | FreeTips-- shoot me an email | Mobile SEO, SEO | Web-cms Developer | Do more than Just !    | 10 07 2011 17:50:49 +0000
Rating : -3 
thanks for the true info:):)
  Commented by  KARTHIK P.S., Software Developer, Rass Bio-Solution    | 10 06 2011 14:28:25 +0000
Rating : -3 
thanks for sharing this info suman.... Even i too didn't knew  these details.. k.. 
  Commented by  Srinivas suravajhala, Asst. Manager.    | 10 05 2011 09:52:02 +0000
Rating : +2 
"........... Social father because when she was born her father was in jail for 4 years. Biological father is unconfirmed......."   

This is awful. I cant digest words of this kind. This is unethical.  I am so sorry dear Suman. Even if it is a confirmed information, it is not correct for us to debate issues of this kind here on professional site. Sorry once again. I totally agree with Vinoy in this regard.
  Commented by  MS_Pi, Top Management, Confidential    | 10 05 2011 05:06:06 +0000
Rating : +1 
What Vinoy was trying to tell you "don't post unconfirmed reports". 
  Commented by  Suman Kumari, MBA/PGDM student, Banasthali University    | 10 04 2011 17:14:59 +0000
Rating : +4 
Thanks sir, but next time I definitely take care of it that any of share will not hurt anybody's sentiment.
  Commented by  Rajeev Sharma, executive, Torrent Pharma    | 10 04 2011 16:33:14 +0000
Rating : -1 
no need to say sorry.suman you are free to share your views
  Commented by  sudhakar, BUSINESS CONSULTANT    | 10 04 2011 16:04:03 +0000
Rating : -1 
thanks suman for  sharing lovely piece of information
  Commented by  puneet kaushik, Financial Analyst,Operational Manager, NBFC    | 10 04 2011 13:15:13 +0000
Rating : 0 
good suman, nothng to srry in it, u have just shared it with all, nobody knows about this information truthfulness and clarity so it's ok.
  Commented by  Suman Kumari, MBA/PGDM student, Banasthali University    | 10 04 2011 12:58:35 +0000
Rating : +1 
i accept my Fault, sir.. Next time I definitely take care of it
  Commented by  Vinoy Scaria James, Travel Consultant, Guiders Mission    | 10 04 2011 09:24:42 +0000
Rating : -1 
Ms. Suman please be more mature and debate matters with more dignity. Stop this gossip mongering that school kids indulge in. It is really sad as you are a management student who the country expects to be a person with a intellectual capacity. It is a real sorry moment to see people like you post such insipid, baseless and above all personal stories of other individuals. 

If you do not agree with their actions and ideologies, come out in the open and debate it. Open the eyes of your friends in too-step why they are not fit to be the leaders of the nation. But this is sickening.
  Commented by  K LAXMINARAYANA RAO, Freelancer    | 10 04 2011 08:10:24 +0000
Rating : 0 
What are we going to acheive by just knowing personal history of our leaders? Most educated people know about who is Sonia Gandhi and or abour Nehru family. But still we follow them because without a leader we dont even fight for our rights. 
  Commented by  Suryanarayan Murthy, Asst Vice President (Corporate Finance), A Hydro Power Project    | 10 04 2011 06:25:16 +0000
Rating : +1 
I read about it elsewhere. We can neither deny nor accept this - since these are unconfirmed reports. 
  Commented by  Abhay Sanghavi, Viram Consultancy    | 10 04 2011 05:25:06 +0000
thanks for sharing but, be care full because you must know that school boy joke
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