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By : Sanjana, Superintendent , Education department
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I had received this in form of an e-mail..

An old farmer lived on a farm in the mountains with his young grandson. Each morning, Grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table reading his Bhagavat Geeta.
His grandson wanted to be just like him and tried to imitate him in every way he could.
One day the grandson asked, "Grandpa! I try to read the Bhagawat Geeta just like you but I don't understand it, and what I do understand, I forget as soon as I close the book. What good does reading the Bhagawat Geeta do?"
The Grandfather quietly turned from putting coal in the stove and replied, "Take this coal basket down to the river and bring me back a basket of water."
The boy did as he was told, but all the water leaked out before he got back to the house.
The grandfather laughed and said, "You'll have to move a little faster next time," and sent him back to the river with the basket to try again.
This time the boy ran faster, but again the basket was empty before here turned home. Out of breath, he told his grandfather that it was impossible to carry water in a basket, and he went to get a bucket instead.
The old man said, "I don't want a bucket of water; I want a basket of water. You're just not trying hard enough," and he went out the door to watch the boy try again.
At this point, the boy knew it was impossible, but he wanted to show his grandfather that even if he ran as fast as he could, the water would leak out before he got back to the house. The boy again dipped the basket into river and ran hard, but when he reached his grandfather the basket was again empty.
Out of breath, he said, "SEE.... it is useless!"
"So you think it is useless?" The old man said, "Look at the basket."
The boy looked at the basket and for the first time realized that the basket was different. It had been transformed from a dirty old coal basket and was now clean, inside and out.
"Son, that's what happens when you read the Bhagavat Geeta. You might not understand or remember everything, but when you read it, you will be changed, inside and out. That is the work of GOD in our lives."

 Top Comment : vinamra kr. shukla   | 04 15 2011 07:44:25 +0000
even i dont understand the actual meaning of that but whenever i listen dat. it was quite interesting & gives u mental peace as well so it is really gud 4 every1 2 listen it . . . .
17 comments on "Why we read the Bhagavat Geeta, even if we can't understand it?"
  Commented by  manikanta raj, Assistant Manager Finance, project financing, leading Financing company    | 04 25 2011 10:00:06 +0000
thanks for giving greater light on holy book bhagavat gita.   any wrong thinking, impressions will be washed away by this example.  really by reading it daily, and try to implement what you have learnt to extent possible, transforms an individual to a truthful, loving being which many are lacking these days. love all including you, results in to service, result in to beautiful world. 
  Commented by  Sharad Kiyal, Financial Planning Advisor, Aviva Life Insurance    | 04 20 2011 11:57:14 +0000
Its true story, either we remember or not if we learn good things from time to time, indirectly it helps our life. I am saying this from experience because I have read bhagwat gita and applied the teachings of it. This helped me a lot in work and personal life.
  Commented by  Vipin Bhasin, Private Equity/Hedge Fund/VC-Manager, Indian Investment Co.    | 04 18 2011 18:29:22 +0000
  Commented by  Santosh Kumar Mohanty, Civil Engineer-Municipal, Sambalpur University    | 04 17 2011 13:49:58 +0000
It is really difficult to understand Gita. We can look the Universe, its creation through Gita. Even we can learn the art of non attachment to the modern life style through Gita. It is a science of living and art of knowing self. I salute those who read Gita in this modern age.
  Commented by  Major Rajendran Mariagnanam, Managing partner, Brain Train consulting services LLP, Aviation training consultancy,Hr skill development    | 04 17 2011 05:33:05 +0000
In other words we all have dirt inside and outside so we have to cleanse ourselves in the best way that we could either by reading the epics of transformation or introspect ourselves and transform like the basket being dipped inside the river of change.
a really good one to make one understand that all of us need clean from inside and within to make this life meaningful to us.
  Commented by  vijayasaravanan, Partner, MS Contractors and Amway Business Owner    | 04 16 2011 17:15:07 +0000
good one, thank you
  Commented by  hemanshu k sinha, Internal Auditor & Asst.Accounts Manager, Paradise Markcon (P) Ltd.    | 04 16 2011 12:51:52 +0000
I really appreciate and try the same way
  Commented by  kanukurthy sudershanrao, Operations Manager, Andhra Bank    | 04 15 2011 15:04:19 +0000
Not just Bhagvad gita, any mythological epic gives this insight on continuous reading.  I have read the bhagavad gita, ramayana, puranas, the vedas, bible, paradise lost, paradise regained, english translation of the quaran, i felt the same insight.
  Commented by  Ravi, R&D Test Engineer, Nokia    | 04 15 2011 09:13:30 +0000
good story ...thanks for posting
  Commented by  varun sharma, BTL AND EVENTS planning and execution, current    | 04 15 2011 08:29:31 +0000
  Commented by  manish kumar, freelancer    | 04 15 2011 08:27:23 +0000
@vikash PV, : 
or else u can use Google , yahoo, articles spinner, or online translator like as Google translator. 
  Commented by  Suryanarayan Murthy, Asst Vice President (Corporate Finance), A Hydro Power Project    | 04 15 2011 08:15:09 +0000
Rating : +2 
Good example... For the people who don't understand Bhagavadgita.. read it again and again..or open the book and start reading it from middle..when you get bored, close and open it again and start reading... This helps in the long run... And ofcourse many of the participants are youngsters.. takes time to understand !!! 
  Commented by  Anil Kaura, Assistant Manager HR & Head HR, Power Gear    | 04 15 2011 07:53:59 +0000
Rating : +1 
Fantastic Sanjana. Its amazing story.
  Commented by  Sanjana, Superintendent , Education department    | 04 15 2011 07:46:00 +0000
Rating : +2 
You welcome Manish:) Today you have showered me with referrals :) keep them coming in.. Nice to be connected with you..

  Commented by  vinamra kr. shukla, Sr. BDE, Kodak India Pvt. Ltd.    | 04 15 2011 07:44:25 +0000
Rating : +1 
even i dont understand the actual meaning of that but whenever i listen dat. it was quite interesting & gives u mental peace as well so it is really gud 4 every1 2 listen it . . . .
  Commented by  Visakh P V, Accounts Executive/Accountant, SAS Group    | 04 15 2011 07:41:46 +0000
could some one send me a copy of english version?
  Commented by  manish kumar, freelancer    | 04 15 2011 07:34:34 +0000
Rating : -1 
 I too don't understand it, bUT I READ it in english version, thanks for Ur insight.
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