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Topic : Web Form Design
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By : Manish Chauhan Chauhan, Sr. eMarketing Executive, Vinove Software & Services
Industry : IT Services
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When paper was first invented in 105 AD, it was indeed one the most precious products. Since then it has become an integral part of each one of us daily work routine. Paper has reinvented the way we communicate, record history, and write down literature. It is portable, smaller, and thinner, and has triggered the inventions of new cleaning products, printing, and even foods. Not to mention the benefits drawn by freelancers and businesses globally. Close your eyes and imagine a world without paper. It is then that you will truly understand its value and importance.

Invoicing has always been an important process of the business framework. It allows you to get paid for the work done, be it selling a product or rendering service. Paper invoicing does take an enormous toll on the environment and the major contributors are corporate America and freelancers. A survey conducted by oDesk suggests that of its 70,000 plus US based contractors, 32 percent have taken up freelancing after the job cut. The web is increasingly offering opportunities for freelance designers, opportunities that can come from anywhere in the world. Similarly, opportunities for freelance writers are on the rise, as businesses need compelling content for their websites, blogs, reviews, help content and even Twitter accounts.

Another report by Strategies of Management predicts that freelancers gross revenues will increase from over $3.4 billion in 2004 to over $3.8 billion in 2009. The number of graphic design freelancers is projected to increase from the present figure of 74,000, to over 86,000 by the end of the decade. Also, the 50 largest graphic design firms comprise less than 1% of the number of establishments, but account for over 16% ($1.3 billion) of the industry’s total invoicing. Just imagine the volume of paper that is being wasted by invoicing alone.

The number of paper invoices generated by corporate America is even worse. Here is some food for thought. About 13 billion invoices are traded annually by the businesses is US, accounting for 25 billion pieces of paper floating around in offices every year. Invoices contribute to 10 % of the total trees cut down worldwide and the electricity consumed by creating paper invoices each year is equivalent to the consumption of 20 million households.

It is important to learn some lessons form the European Union where Since 1 January 2004 there has been a legal obligation for undertakings operating in the European Union to accept electronic invoices. This process has a huge cost cutting and time saving potential. A study has revealed that it is possible to cut invoicing cost even by 70%. So, why not use this solution?

Migrating even 50 percent of our current paper invoice volume over to electronic invoicing would mean saving almost one million trees and 240,000 tons of paper every year. It is clear that apart from the monetary benefits, e-invoicing has a healthy impact on our environment as well.


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