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By Ranadeb Ray
Academic qualification is the first step in an individual`s life to start life in a positive...
By Mohamed L. El-Khazragy
The steps towards reducing the greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) has been started, but...
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By Yash Singh
Air pollution in Indian cities is growing by leaps and bounds. Shillong is the lest polluted...
By Shaju George
The UPA government effected one of the steepest fuel price hikes ever by raising the prices of...
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By vishnu mangal
Should Oil market be regulated, its a hot discussion now. n I think that we should contribute...
By Kadal Amutham
The availability of coal and oil are limited. Alternate energy source like hydro electric might...
By Shikha Malhotra
Petroleum Federation of India (PETROFED) has recommended reduction of custom duty on imported...
yes vs no
By Himanshu Pathak
After food prices inflating, it is now motor fuels to burn the peoples' pocket. The government...
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By Nitin Kataria
Should fuel prices be cut when the oil price has fallen?
[?] Spotlight
By : sumita
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Top Rated Answer :
Hi friends I completely disagree with few members posted their opinion ( Needless to mention names) , Infect we Indians are quite biased in our approach.. i mean we do proceed what we are told with.. President is constitutional head of our...
By : Puja Sarkar
97 arguments  
Yes Vs No
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