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By Mridula Maity
The Definitely Male tag line was something that took the biking nation by storm and unleashed a...
By Mridula Maity
The Indian automobile industry has come under global focus, ranking second only to China as the...
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In automotive industries if we go through the component cost break ups,we will find that tool...
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By Mridula Maity
Japanese two-wheeler maker Yamaha has said that it will introduce scooters in the Indian market...
By Viren Pithava
No job for engineers from Private College vs There are jobs for all engineers!
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By Mridula Maity
US auto giant Ford Motor Co on Wednesday unveiled its first small car for the Indian market,...
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By Kailash Sharma
Coal mining, which provides maximum of our electricity, will not end tomorrow. Every coal miner...
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By Mridula Maity
In the past it was a dream for many to own a car, but big cars had a special place with...
By Mridula Maity
Recently, we have seen a huge number of callback of cars across the world. Few days back, Toyota...
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By Akhilesh S Joshi
Riding helmets are the one important piece of safety gear that all riders should consider...
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By : sumita
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Hi friends I completely disagree with few members posted their opinion ( Needless to mention names) , Infect we Indians are quite biased in our approach.. i mean we do proceed what we are told with.. President is constitutional head of our...
By : Puja Sarkar
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By : Roula Moussa
4+ years of development/coding experiences in MS Team Foundation Test Life Cycle management, Executing/Handling SIT, UAT, Defects using the MS Team Foundation At least 1 year of “Tech Lead” position....
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The 2009 movie 'It's Complicated, ' starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin delves in the lifestyles of your divorced couple of who results reconnecting a decade in the future. This way ...
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German is spoken mainly in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and Liechtenstein. In addition to this, it is also recognized as a minority language in Denmark, Ukraine, Namibia,...
By : Roula Moussa
: MS TEAM Foundation (TFS) Techno/Functional QA vs : MS TEAM Foundation (TFS) Techno/Functional QA
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Data services are fast becoming a lucrative form of business among major telecommunication operators today. Many of them have benefited greatly from the increased revenue from this form of electronic...
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