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Asked by Radhakrishna Marar
Waterproofing is mainly done to avoid dampness, so what is the cheapest form of waterproofing?
Asked by Amit Madhav
Asked by Anjali Sinha
A bridge is a structure built to connect a valley, road, railroad track, river, body of water, or...
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Asked by Makrand Bhave
What is professionalism? Is it a way of conduct? Is it a strategy? Is it a management outlook?...
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Asked by Narges Delafrooz
My project is related to 4As. I want to know how can measure each of factors. Thanks  
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By : sumita
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Hi friends I completely disagree with few members posted their opinion ( Needless to mention names) , Infect we Indians are quite biased in our approach.. i mean we do proceed what we are told with.. President is constitutional head of our...
By : Puja Sarkar
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