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NGO - The helping hand

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) play an important role in the development of a society. They endeavour for making good living conditions of the neglected, the underprivileged and many more, So let us all NGO professionals come together and discuss what needs to be done in NGO space in India and what are the obstacles that are there when one needs to reach out to give that helping hand. Let us make this NGO community a Professional knowledge sharing platform.


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The parent’s role in child development is to provide the scaffolding for...
Yes .. may help to talk Vs No .. maybe of no help
Debates in "NGO - The helping hand"
Referred by Shabir Hussain, Fundraising Officer- India, ICCo India  | 2 years ago
267 referals, 9 arguments, 226 views
Referred by Satish Kumar Dhiman, Village Level Entrepreneur , ZDPL  | 3 years ago
Every creature has life, but only a few human beings have real life. Most venerable MahaManas says, “One who knows oneself rightly and has control over oneself she/he has real life.”
Idea Contests in "NGO - The helping hand"
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Referred by Sachin Kumar, Legal Adviser, Allahabad High Court  | 4 years ago
Argument added by Basavaraju Rajashekharamurthy, Deputy Coordinator, State Resource Centre on Child Labour, Government of Karnataka  | 5 years ago
Yes, common policy across the country is very much essential. The intiative of Karnataka could create precedence to other states.
Trends and Insights in "NGO - The helping hand"
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Referred by Maheshkumar Jagdishchandra Bhatt, Honarary President, Parikrama Nature Adventure & Sports Institute  | 4 years ago
  Dear friends, All are stressed in nearing the weekend, If so j ust click on the link below, click on play, then leave the mouse alone , sit back and enjoy a piece of creative brilliance.. We wonder who had time to do this.
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Referred by Sachin Kumar, Legal Adviser, Allahabad High Court  | 4 years ago
We all know that money cannot buy happiness, but without it it’s hard to do anything. Here are some ideas to consider about managing your money:    1. Always look for value.  Avoid luxuries and try not to buy things at the full price.  Always...
Q & A in "NGO - The helping hand"
Answered by Kotagiri Thippeswamy, 49, government  | 4 years ago
yes, we should look alternative for reservations in india, Is there any machanisim out of reservation? it is note that mis use of reservations is obvious. we should uplift the dragon socity but in built- Indian system is capable to come out from the...
Referred by Sachin Kumar, Legal Advisor, Allahabad High Court  | 4 years ago
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