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Nurturing Creativity and Thoughts with Fun

There are 15 Cr. questions posed on net saying how to be creative? To be a creative you need to be a creatively different, so lets test how different are we all... And post some WACKY QUESTIONS, Ideas, topics, articles... Here challenge is to post a question which hardly has any answer so that it makes one to thinking out of the world come up with their own answer. Which helps us in thinking in different directions...


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The new consumer here is not the customer you do not yet know, it is a...
By Caroline Scott-Thomas, A group of organizations from the US, Canada and Australia has released a joint statement expressing their opposition to wheat industry plans to commercialize genetically modified (GM) wheat. The group made its position known in response to a joint statement released last month by a group of wheat industry representative bodies that vowed to synchronize plans for the commercialization of GM wheat. There are currently no GM varieties of wheat commercially available. The
Idea added by santosh kumar, Marketing Manager, AUTOMOBILE  | Topic:  Retail for India Tomorrow !!!  | 4 years ago
They can - health hygiene, variety pricing quality, target market segmentation , innovation etc  
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Argument added by santosh kumar, Marketing Manager, AUTOMOBILE  | 5 years ago
I don't think that by playing a playstation of some sort of games one can enhance his creativity. In a game comprises of limited set of possibilities that you can opt from all scenarios are preset. Anyone can be creative. Your mother at home can be...
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Idea added by vishal goel, Founder, Vismodeep  | 5 years ago
Go with a ME TOO APPROACH - lets wait and keep a eye on someone inventing new product and by fluke it clicks into the market then just pounce on it and copy, copy, copy...... Lets move back to 1980’s and see the example of IBM - IBM introduced the...
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