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Asked by : KUMAR SAURABH JHA, HR Manager
Industry : Biotechnology
Functional Area : India
Activity: Question posted: 02 13 2010 11:43:34 +0000, 1 answers, 270 views, last activity 07 06 2010 20:18:08 +0000
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What's career in Biotechnology for girls?

  Answered by     Bindu Narayan, Product Development Manager, Care Biomedicals  | 02 15 2010 09:47:19 +0000
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Career in Biotechnology is a good option for girls in India as the country has witnessed remarkable growth in biotechnology sector. India has become one of the best destinations for biotechnology industry due to good network of research laboratories, rich biodiversity, well developed base industries, rich agriculture sector and trained manpower. The biotechnology professionals can get good jobs in the pharmaceutical companies, agricultural, chemical and allied industries. They can get the employment in the areas of production, planning and management of bioprocessing industries.

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