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Asked by : sandesh borwankar, manager, Godrej Cons Prod
Industry : FMCG/Foods/Beverage
Functional Area : Productivity & Performance
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What are the WCM standard of OPE, Rework , labour productivty, safety stds , no of suggestions etc

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1. Continuous and rapid improvement- In respect of Productivity,quality,technological advancements.

The more you evolve with changing times with respect to all these parameters you could be rest assured that you are moving forward.

2.Market share growth - A key indicator with respect to percentage growth YOY in terms of maximizing reach. This could well be a overall reflecting factor for all specialization like marketing,finance...

3. Best experts: A simple success mantra either you poach the best proven manufacturing executives like me..;-) or you develop inhouse experts which is a rigorous task possible with a excellent training cell and organizational approach.

4. Ability to adapt based on changing customers and market requirement- new product development in quick time as compared to competitors

5.Competitive advantage in terms cost and innovation: After all what matters is cost effectiveness which could make the business profitable.

6. New manufacturing methodologies- This is the in thing creating room for shortest and cost effective methodologies or multiple product common methodologies is an open secret.

7. Low inventory, Strong supply chain- Dell the classic example

For more discussions on manufacturing/operations/supply chain/Training/Corporate strategies/HR Firepower you could discuss with me at

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by   Ravi Kumar Choudhary, Planning Manager, Encube ethicals Pvt. Ltd.  | 09 15 2010 14:41:50 +0000
Recruitment firm for Telecom Professionals
Recruitment firm for Telecom Professionals
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