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Asked by : Arti Arora, Branch Manager/Regional Manager, NII
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Effective techniques for Headhunting

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Identifying the desire to change - Too many headhunters waste their time chasing people that are never going to change their job, no matter what one can offer the client. According to me there are five motivations behind job change. Attitude, Career, Environment, Dedication, Finance. Try to benchmark your candidates current offering against each of these five motivations and see how they compare against the industry. If they are worse off than the industry as a whole, then your candidate is ripe for a move. hope this helps..

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by   Rohit Khanna, Project Leader/Managing Consultant, Accenture  | 02 17 2009 12:15:14 +0000
3 Answers for "Headhunting Techniques"
  Answered by     Arti Arora, Branch Manager/Regional Manager, NII  | 02 17 2009 12:42:58 +0000
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That's a nice reply,  Rohit

  Answered by     Natasha Jain, HR Manager, Maxon International  | 02 17 2009 07:07:53 +0000
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Hi, It can be done through referrals

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