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IPO underwriting

Asked by : Pramod Kadam, M & A Advisor, SBI Caps
Industry : M&A/Underwriting
Functional Area : Valuation
Activity: Question posted: 05 30 2008 00:06:31 +0000, 1 answers, 322 views, last activity 07 06 2010 20:18:08 +0000
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  Answered by     Mahesh Nagpal, M & A Advisor, JPMorgan Chase  | 05 30 2008 00:08:02 +0000
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After the application process is over an email notification is recevived,  informing whether your application is successful. If you have been provisionally allotted the shares, there will be a binding contract when you make payment to us for the IPO shares. Please note that if payment is made by personal cheque, actual payment does not take place until the cheque clears.

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