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Asked by : Dakshata Sawant, Brand Manager, Glenmark Pharma
Functional Area : India
Keywords : interview questions
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Describe a challenging and difficult project which you have undertaken. What did you do? Explain your reasons for the same & what was the outcome?


Describe a situation where you have needed to involve others to achieve a task or deal with conflict among team members. What did you do? Explain your reasons for the same  & what was the outcome

Describe a situation / project where you have been able to bring tangible benefit to the end consumer/ customer by adopting an innovative approach. What did you do ? Explain your reasons for the same & what was the outcome?


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Check the link given below which has answers for all types of interview questions.....hope this helps

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by   Sudeep Tarafdar, Senior Consultant, IBM  | 06 30 2009 11:33:57 +0000
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