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TooStep is shutting down all it's services on 27th March 2015.
Asked by : varsha , Head/VP/GM-Quality, frac
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i am really puzzled for the thing that normally seats for passengers are not available  except the tatkal facility, but the fact is that most of the seats are vacant in the train ... so just make me clear about it ...

thanks to all

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Normally a fixed percentage of seats on all trains are kept in reserve as V.I.P quota, which is only released 3 or 4 hours prior to the trains departure . After adjusting the centralised VIP requirement , the balance is normally released to accomodate Wait Listed Passengers. Now the Tatkal Facility is given priority over the Wait Listed Passengers. This has helped in getting rid of the black marketing of railway tickets. Hope this helps to clear your doubt. 

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by   Anilkumar Nair, CEO/MD/Director, Datsine India Pvt.Ltd.  | 02 18 2009 04:59:08 +0000
  Answer modified by     MANOJ VARSHNEY, Director, TULSI TRAVELS PVT LTD  | 03 01 2009 16:02:08 +0000
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This is another unique method to generate more income through side door by Lalu Yadav.Lalu Yadav have reduced the general quota almost by 30% and transfered all these seats to Tatkal Quota.Its irony that many time seats are WL in general Quota but seats are easily avl in Tatkal Quota for sheer mathematics...Rly gets adll Rs.150 on Sleeper Class and AC Chair and Rs.300/- for 3A,2A Class.The Tatkal seats can be booked five day in advance excluding the date of Journey.The VIP quota is different under which you get to know about your confirmation of your  seat only after the chart preparation.The VIP quota is released at the Last moments only .Tatkal Tickets are non refundable.Also under tatkal one has to take ticket from boarding point to the Last Destination of the train even if you have to get down in the middle only...thus paying extra amount...another source of income.I fail to understand the reasons to pay upto Last Destination of Train ??? Can any one informs me...

  Answered by     varsha , Head/VP/GM-Quality, frac  | 02 18 2009 14:07:37 +0000
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thanks mr.nair for short and summarize answer

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