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Activity: Question posted: 12 11 2010 04:13:07 +0000, 2 answers, 17666 views, last activity 12 13 2010 10:21:30 +0000
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Its really a Gud question and most of the Students fails to Attempt it Properly....

The best Answer I always Prefer is "Better Career Opportunities" reason being ...

1. From any of the Bachlors Background ( e.g. Engineering, Science, Commerce) one is always focussed to be the Specilist of the same or a Technocrat and going with MBA will focus on Individuals personal Development towards Rise in  Mangerial skillsets etc

2. To be more Precise Management education will help to Enlarge ones Views on perticular Subject in short ability to Analyse, Plan, Focus the approach for solving the Problems etc....

3. Last but not the least, One shud not Put MONETORY OPPORTUNITIES as this is accepted as really bad aspects of using a Education.... Yes, It is associated with Higher Education which is considered  and accepted factor......



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by   Sampanna Shastry, Deputy Manager- Marketing & Sales, Arani Power Systems Ltd  | 12 13 2010 10:21:30 +0000
  Answered by     Leena Pawar, Tech Architect, IT Infotech  | 12 13 2010 09:19:33 +0000
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Everyone will have different opinions why they choose MBA. So if you have chosen MBA there should be some reason. Like you want to establish you own business or be in the management side of a company where you can develop you leadership qualities, etc.... So be clear and genuine in you answer...    

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Leading Training Company
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