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Topic : Building construction
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Construction Planning & Management

Asked by : Sachin , Construction-Construction Management, DLF LOR
Industry : Construction
Functional Area : Project Management
Keywords : rate analysis
Activity: Question posted: 01 29 2009 08:24:52 +0000, 6 answers, 42344 views, last activity 05 07 2011 09:28:55 +0000
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for brick work (1cum)

Bricks 500 No. C sand 0.267 cum cement 1.25 Bags Labour Foreman 0.2 Mason 0.57 Labour 1.65
Add tools and plants
Add sundries
Addfor water and elect

Add for overhead and profits


for plastering

Cment 0.0864 Fine sand 0.0181 Labour Mason 0.075 Labour 0.165 Add for scaffolding Add for sundries Add for elect and water Add for overhead and profits

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by   Rijesh Ramadas, Technical Assistant, C & C Constructions Limited  | 01 29 2009 10:32:04 +0000
  Answered by     RAVI KANT, PLANNING ENGINEER, LARSEN & TOUBRO LTD  | 05 07 2011 09:28:55 +0000
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dear sir please define means of GRADE OF CEMENT,,,,


  Answered by     Inderbir Singh, engineer, Govt of PUNJAB  | 03 01 2011 11:41:15 +0000
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who to find out brick work and plaster of drain 3' wide and 1'-9" from in side 9"-9" wall at side of drain plese give farmula to find plaster & brick work,form work of slabs cntering&shuttering of slab &drain 3'wide drain assume length 10'inside1'-9" find quantityof  earth work,cc1:8:16 40mm gauge,and brick work 1:5 / plaster ,form work if any / ferma 8" in drain/rebursement 9" inside of drain / sir plese wtote frmula also to find quantity in future ,labour cost / i am civil engineer in rural development department i hve less exp in above items plese help me

  Answered by     Binod Kumar Burnwal, TI Engineer, Arctic Telecommunications Pvt Ltd  | 07 11 2010 05:30:10 +0000
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depends on rates...

  Answer modified by     aditya , Technology Manager, Uniwide Technologies  | 07 10 2010 21:55:21 +0000
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  Answer modified by     aditya , Technology Manager, Uniwide Technologies  | 07 10 2010 21:52:36 +0000
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Compilation of Analysis of Rates and Estimation Techniques for Civil Works 2010 (In 2 Vol) 

The 4th revised and enlarged edition provides analysis of rates for over 1100 main items and 1500 sub-items, including items on specialized constructions, such as use of mechanized construction techniques, earthquake resistant structures, rainwater harvesting systems, construction by slip forming and RCC water tanks, analysis for which is not available elsewhere publication. 

The analysis has been prepared with a practical approach after concerted market research and interaction with several experts in the field, considering modern trends of work and materials available and further explained with illustrations on calculation of rates for typical and difficult items. The book will be immensely useful for officials of Govt. departments, PWDs, PSUs, architects, consultants, site engineers, quantity surveyors and civil engineering students. engineering students.

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