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Topic : Team Building and Leadership
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Asked by : Krishna , Software Testing, Ness Technology
Industry : IT Services
Functional Area : Leadership Styles
Keywords : incompetent leader
Activity: Question posted: 04 05 2010 10:24:43 +0000, 1 answers, 596 views, last activity 07 06 2010 20:18:08 +0000

As a new manager in an existing team how are you going to handle a situation where an incompetent leader is already there in the team?

Scenario: You are going to take the managerial role of an existing team in the place of previous manager who has quitted recently. You have found that the existing leader of the team is not competent though he possesses experience where as comparatively a junior team member who does not have the required skill but can be groomed to take the leadership role. Moreover you have observed that though the existing leader is incompetent in technical/leadership skills, but he has acquired the heart of the team members by provoking them by continuously telling against the higher management. As a result the team members are also influenced by his thought and not productive enough. How are you going to make the change happen in your team?

  Answered by     Mohammad Bakhsh, Consultant(Civil), Rail Vikas Nigam Limited  | 04 06 2010 10:47:17 +0000
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Forget the incompetence,put across your goals to the team and its leader.Initially pick targets which could be accomplished and move forward.Prejudice to some one without affording a chance to prove will leave you no where.

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