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Asked by : pradeep kumar kar, Director on Board, Shreeyut Technologies Pvt Ltd
Industry : IT Products
Functional Area : Infrastructure
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Meself Pradeep kumar Kar part of founding team of a private limited company, we were six members(my self 25% and other five 15% each). the company was doing well for three years, but later there was dispute between members .

three members including me became non-operative and was prevented to officiate . the remaining three numbers are not in talking terms with me. neither they pick the phone. this is going on for last one year. Now i am worried and wanted to know.

1) they never replied to my resignation from board of director. how to know whether i have been properly removed from director, and necessary documents for that (DIN-4) submitted to ROC.

2) how to know the current share holding pattern?

3) what is the proceedure to get out from the company if they are still having me in board of director/share holder.

4) as a share holder if i have any right to ask for financial going of the company

i am worried , any professional help to get rid of the problem on normal payment?


Thanks & regds


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