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Asked by : sindhuri .., Technical Analyst, Tanla Solutions
Keywords : Trends VLSI
Activity: Question posted: 01 21 2008 04:02:36 +0000, 2 answers, 2951 views, last activity 11 17 2014 19:31:44 +0000
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what are the new upcoming trends in vlsi?

2 Answers for "New trends in vlsi?"
  Answered by     heena kamana, M.E/M.Tech/MS student, R.V. College Of Engineering (RVCE), Bangalore  | 11 17 2014 19:31:44 +0000
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suggest me a new vlsi trends that are currenly running over.

  Answered by     Bhaskar Verma, Technical Design Manager, Keithley Instruments  | 01 21 2008 08:00:26 +0000
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The trend is Moore's Law, which continues: "Every 18 months the number of junctions you can put on a give surface doubles" but this costs you more money to make, so you might not do it. Prices of processor cores keeps dropping, but products with less volume may not. Trends in feature size: Some products are still make at .50 um and .35 um, while the more advanced products are down to .09 and .06 and smaller. Trends in wafer size: Few products are made on 5 in wafers Wafers of 8 and 12 inches are common The cutting edge folks are trying to get bigger than 12 in and there is debate if there will be economic to produce. Sure a large wafer with small features would make conmputer chips cheaper, but you would have to make a zillion of them, all the same, to pay for the fab line. Alternative trends: So instead of crawling ever smaller, a trend is to switch to programmable devices and do the development in software. Some of these techniques are, among others: DSP, digital signal processors, which are specialized computer chips. FPGA, Field Programmable Gate Arrays and CPLD, Complex Programmable Logic Devices These gadgets, themselves are made using more VLSI, so I would say a "trend" in VLSI is to go to devices in which large quantities of standard programmable devices are made all the same as standard products, and the individualization of final products is left to firmware programming.

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