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Oracle CRM

Asked by : Ashish Kumar Mishra, Business Analyst, SAP
Industry : IT Products
Functional Area : Application Software
Keywords : CRM ROI
Activity: Question posted: 05 22 2008 22:22:47 +0000, 1 answers, 492 views, last activity 07 06 2010 20:18:08 +0000

What was your experience with using a CRM program with your customers? Did the return on investment pay for the program plus increase overall growth?

1 Answers for "ROI on CRM"
  Answered by     Radhakrishna Marar, Business Analyst, Oracle  | 05 22 2008 22:30:25 +0000
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ROI depends on the reasons for the CRM implementation. Most organizations I have come across are doing this primarily for automating their internal processes, rather than being more customer focussed, no matter what vendors like Oracle or SAP alk about the 360 degree view of the customer, etc.  not sure if this answers your qn, but jus wanted to share

Answer "ROI on CRM"
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