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Asked by : Dilip Singh Rathore, Construction-General Building, Deep Associates
Industry : Construction
Functional Area : Strategy Execution
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Indian Patent Stone flooring is known as  IPS flooring which ordinary screeding concrete with vacuum dewatered finishing for industrial floorings.

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by   Anoop Chandra Srivastava, Sr. Manager (QS & Billing), Arrow Infra Ltd ( A Hero Group Co.)  | 04 18 2009 08:14:31 +0000
2 Answers for "What is IPS Flooring ?"
  Answered by     Vdf Flooring, Online Advertisement team , Virsa Corporation  | 01 28 2014 10:41:59 +0000
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IPS stands for Indian Pattern Stone Flooring. An IPS Floor is generally used over Terraces, Car Parks, Workshops and Driveways in general, to achieve an economical and water sloping finish with a decent monolithic appearance.  IPS finish may even be used for other interior and semi-interior areas as the need may be.

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