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Topic : Construction Project Management
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Asked by : M NITIN SHENOY, PMP, IPMA-D, CEng MICE, Manager
Industry : Construction
Functional Area : Project Management
Activity: Question posted: 04 26 2009 06:18:48 +0000, 2 answers, 3308 views, last activity 04 02 2014 06:13:42 +0000

What is PRINCE2 Certification, how different is it from other Project management Certificataitons like PMP, IPMA, PSP etc...

What are its merits / demerits ...???

Please do share your views...

  Answer modified by     Arshiya Dixit, Customer Relationship Manager, Simplilearn Solutions  | 04 02 2014 06:13:42 +0000
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To state the differences between the two certifications, I would say that:

  • PRINCE 2 is Process based – defines What, How , When , and who can do series of management processes. It dictates right process to follow whereas PMP is Knowledge based – Tools & Techniques and best practices that can be applied when managing projects.
  • PRINCE2 defines the roles of everyone involved in a project whereas PMP Focuses on the project manager's role

A professional who is looking forward towards gaining proficiency in project management approach with a project team point of view can opt for PRINCE2 Certification. On the other hand project managers who are looking forward for an individual growth as a project manager may opt for PMP Certification.

This blog might help in understanding better:

  Answered by     Kamalesh Tripathi, Project Manager, Sapient Corporation  | 04 27 2009 09:37:38 +0000
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Most of them know by using PRINCE2 in projects it will give a common systems, procedures and language, and it will make fewer mistakes, and learn from those and finally save money and effort.  As PRINCE2 is recognised as a world class international product and it is the standard method for project management which is used by one and all.  And moreover many companies across the world require staff to be PRINCE2 certified.

And the benefits are like, by using PRINCE2 provides one with greater control of resources, and the ability to manage business and the risks involved in the project more effectively,

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