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Topic : Scope for the biomedical engineers
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Asked by : Jansi Rani, B.Tech/B.E. student, Adiyamaan college of engineering
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Biomedical engineering is still in the development stage in India. One of the main reasons why development is slow is due to lack of integration between hospitals, research labs and universities. This kind of a research environment is yet to be established in India. Due to this, scope and job prospects in India for biomedical engineering students are not very good. The job vacancies by themselves are very less and most jobs are in sales and management division of pharma and biomedical instruments companies. If you are interested in research development within biomedical engineering, your best bet would be to join a prestigious research institution in India such as IISc and the IITs. If your goal is to work in industry, you will be better of studying abroad in USA, UK, Canada and Singapore.

Scope for biomedical engineering abroad in nations such as USA, UK, Singapore and Canada are excellent and pay packages are also impressive. These nations are at the forefront of research in biomedical engineering due to established collaboration between research centers, universities and hospitals. This has created the perfect environment for professors, researchers, scientists, surgeons, doctors and students to work together and come up with solutions to solve complex problems in medicine and healthcare. For a detailed description on the scope and various prospects of biomedical engineering in India and abroad, please refer to this article .

  Answer modified by     Neerendra Singh, B.Tech/B.E. student, SATI  | 08 16 2013 02:01:27 +0000
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What is Scope in India Of Bio-Medical Engineering??

Well in India the scope of bio-medical engineering is not that much compared to mechanical engineering or civil engineering. For boys its fine because they can go for sales and servicing. For girls it is best to go for research, design and development etc. For that you have to get into a research institute which is not that easy. Bio-medical engineering has a huge scope abroad compared to the scope in India. There is scope in  India and you can find a job because there are lots of hospitals and clinics but its not easy to get a very good start. And if you are into sales, it takes time for you to start your own distribution unless you are that good. 
Bio-medical engineers are employed in industries,hospitals, research faculties of educational and medical institutes, in teaching, and in government regulatory agencies.You have a lot of scope in the servicing section because now a days its hard to find engineers for servicing. Just consider a country and imagine the number of hospitals, dental clinics, health clinics etc. Nothing functions without medical equipments. And every equipments need periodic servicing. Bio- medical engineers are also required in all medical clinics and hospitals for routine and breakdown maintenance. The work that comes under this are acceptance testing, maintenance planning, risk analysis,routine calibration, preventive maintenance, repairs, maintaining inventory of spare parts etc. The other works are design, development and research of devices, technologies etc. This includes modifying the existing equipment, software development, networking etc.

If you are interested in the research field, that too is good because everyone are trying to invent medical equipments which are flexible, reliable and easy to use. You can go for higher studies or internships. You can opt for M.Tech, MS or MBA. You can also do post graduation cheaply but with more value.

  Answered by     Neerendra Singh, B.Tech/B.E. student, SATI  | 08 16 2013 01:59:33 +0000
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What is Bio-Medical???

You know that a bio-medical engineer deals with the sales and services of medical equipments. So there will be  a huge scope in bio-medical engineering until world arrives to a situation where no hospitals are functional. If you are a little business minded you can make a huge profit in the sales section of medical equipments . My friend worked as a salesman of medical equipments for 2 months. Now he started his own business of distributing. He is making a huge profit. 

  Answered by     KUMAR SAURABH JHA, HR Manager  | 11 01 2011 16:21:57 +0000
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One gets the job as purfutionist and is associated as an important person in any hospital specially during any operation. Other way they serve as sales & service engineers in many reputed companies. Future is too bright. Biomedical engineers are both doctors as well as engineers one can say the other way.

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