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Rahul Verma Developer , OTC Derivatives Trading, Standard Chartered
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1 Gaali Session
2 Kick-Ass Experiences
Vivek Pandey  |  Added idea  "Kick-Ass Experiences"  |  2 years ago
Galaxy is inter hall competition, students work very passionately, pull continuous night outs, bunk classes and participate in drama, skit, quiz, decoration competitions. Which hall has won most number of galaxies till now is always a point of...
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  "Gaali Session"  |  2 years ago
I remember that whenever there was a power cut there used to be a gaali session b/w Hall 2 Hall 3. Wow that used to be amazing. People used to get their dictionaries updated for new students it was a new words learning session. Most amazing part...
Ideate: "Hall 2 Vs Hall 3 Rivalry - What Do U Remember?" deleted from your view.
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1 Promote Entrepreneurship
2 Support Effort With Right Technology
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  |  2 years ago
The main drawback of all the IIT's in India is that they lack the adequate technology to support the experiments innovations. So, the IIT's need to upgrade their technology if they want to compete at international levels. Thus, when hard work is...
Rajat Malhotra  |  Added idea  " Changes In Industry Policy"  |  2 years ago
Changes in industry policy would also foster more effective collaborations with higher education. Where industry pull relevant research from universities by jointly identifying their needs for pre-competitive research and communicating those...
Ideate: "How can we build innovation ecosystem in IIT's ?" deleted from your view.
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1 A Win-Win Situation
2 Proper Mentor-Mentee relationship
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  |  2 years ago
-Mentoring helps both the mentee and the mentor recognise their abilities and limitations, thus highlighting areas for future development. -It helps prompt thought about career development and come to a realistic conclusion about their career...
sachin lakharia lakharia  |  Added idea  "Openness & Respect"  |  2 years ago
Both the mentor and the person being mentored need to be open and honest, yet respect the other. A mentor who withholds important information or comments does not contribute to the other person's success. However, such comments should be...
Ideate: "How can IIT K alumni mentor its students? " deleted from your view.
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1 Encourage Class Participation
2 Provide Grace Marking
Rahul Pandey  |  Added idea  "Provide Grace Marking"  |  2 years ago
Students should be given grace marks depending on the performance in the class & playground, labs,etc. Thus, this will reduce burden on students & they will perform better & give healthier results. And there will be a win-win situation.
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  |  2 years ago
Unique ideas, stupid ideas, foolish ideas should be encouraged. It should be known no idea is a stupid or foolish idea. It depends on how you perceive a particular thing. Innovative deas should be given leverage taken to the next level. Faculties must...
Ideate: "Top Feedbacks To The Faculties?? " deleted from your view.
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2 AskLaila.Com
Rahul Pandey  |  Added idea  "Myntra.Com"  |  2 years ago
Gifting has become easy, no more thinking, running here there etc. As the line goes "Everyone is gifted - but some people never open their package" goes an old saying. Most of us would never want the surprises we gift our loved ones to go...
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  "Brijj.Com"  |  2 years ago
In my opinion Brijj.Com provides an wonderful opportunity to know people of your interest also promote develop your business ideas. The benefits what one may get is :     * Explore connections across regions     * Get introduced to quality...
Ideate: "Who can help you promote your business online? " deleted from your view.
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1 Focus On Innovation
2 First remove the quota system
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  |  2 years ago
The main intention of the teachings at IIT K should be that students are able to apply it in their day 2 day life. Students should be made to think out of the box. Focus should be on critical thinking how to tackle difficult problems with simple...
sachin lakharia lakharia  |  Added idea  "Continuous Improvement"  |  2 years ago
One way of achieving the glory is by continuous improvement & proper implementation of plans. The targets should be achieved in stipulated time frame. Further each of the staff & students should work together towards it.
Vivek Pandey  |  Supported idea  "First remove the quota system"  |  2 years ago
I agree but in India removing the quota system is not possible. We can come up with a plan where the best man gets the seat.  Quota system can be considered to some extent as the economy is not uniformly distributed. So certain rules should be...
Ideate: "How can IIT K be made comparable to MIT? " deleted from your view.
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1 Focus On Core Competencies
2 Enhance Collaboration
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  |  2 years ago
The Institution should see that the students get proper summer internships at their respective fields. The institution should also see that the companies that make their choice to hire the students should do it after the completion of the course....
Devesh Raghubanshi  |  Added idea  "Provide A Win-Win Situation"  |  2 years ago
The institution should ensure that both  the institution, its student the respective industries benefit from each other. Each parties should see that trust loyalty is maintained strengthened during the course of time. So, by doing so IIT K can...
Vivek Pandey  |  Supported idea  "Focus On Core Competencies"  |  2 years ago
Rajat, U r right. IIT Kanpur should focus on its core competencies see how well it can establish a strong bond with the concerned industry. This will give IIT K a potential benefit in comparison to other institutions. Moreover by focusing on core...
Ideate: "How to enhance industry & institution partership?" deleted from your view.
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1 Opportunites To Grow
2 Provide Lucrative Incentives & Promotions
Suresh Kandulapati  |  Added idea  "Better Facilities, Motivation, outstanding salary package and Recognition"  |  1 year ago
In my point view, world class faculties can be attracted by better facilities (infrastructure, providing resources for job performance, welfare), Motivation (involve them in the process of academic decision making, to conduct research work),...
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  |  2 years ago
This will really boost the enthusiasm confidence in the faculties. They will learn a lot in the exchange program will be able to deliver more enriched information to the students. Thus this will be win win situation for all.
Devesh Raghubanshi  |  Supported idea  "Opportunites To Grow"  |  2 years ago
Agreed, faculties should also be given equal opportunities to what students get. This will encourage the faculties to impart quality education walk that extra mile with the students.
Ideate: " How to attract,nurture & retain world class faculty? " deleted from your view.
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1 Atul sharan
2 Subrata Mitra
Ashok Das  |  Added idea  "Ashish Gupta"  |  2 years ago
He is currently partner at Helion Ventures.Helion Ventures Partners is a $350 Million India-focused, stage independent venture fund, investing in technology-powered and consumer service businesses in sectors like Outsourcing, Internet, Mobile,...
Rahul Verma  |  Added idea  "Atul sharan"  |  2 years ago
I think he has exemplified a single minded pursuit of making whatever he does successful. He has successfully transcended the corporate world as well as the start-up space with an entrepreneurial zeal that spans various industries. Besides this...
Ideate: "Who should you go for funding your business?" deleted from your view.
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