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for and of retailers - franchisees - store managers - mom & pop stores - all willing to share knowledge and wisdom.



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Topic of the week :  Retail for India Tomorrow !!!     Go to Topic
Under this topic, share ideas of retail business in the India which will...
Credit Facility + Home Delivery(stronger supply chain)
One Stop Shop
Better shopping experiencec
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Argument added by Shailena Varma, Logistics Manager, Target  | 4 years ago
I agree with what Sumitra has said here, i don't see businesses getting affected due to swine flu, people are scared more so because of how media is showcasing it, and has created a panic among the public for which government is not able to handle the...
Referred by Akhilesh Majumdar, Logistics Manager, Tesco  | 5 years ago
Walmart being America's largest discount store operate in various part of the world, successful in most countries they operate, walmart is planning to establish a wholesale operation in India by the end of this year and planning to extend to retail...
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