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By Kesavan Nair
Social Media should be given a higher priority vs There is no need for the use of social media
Tags: does india understand and accept the importance of social media in today's business climate?
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By karthikeyan
An Advertisement can sell everything vs no need for adv
Tags: advertising
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By Pawan Sharma
Extra hyped vs Tolerable
Tags: indo - pak match on 30th march.
446 referals, 15 votes, 1032 views  
By Sri Krishna
Media now a days is more for "Hot", "Breaking News" and other non-responsible activities which...
Tags: india media people lives responsibility two way handshake
Future of PR 1455=15
0 referals, 4 arguments, 179 views  
By Sonal Singh
Will PR be taken over by other mediums?
Tags: future of pr
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