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By Hari Prasad K
Today organizations of all sizes have to worry about what their employees are doing with company...
Tags: Creating Policies Acceptable Acceptable Usage Policy Enforcing Creating Policies
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By Ravichandar S
Tags: judiciary the supreme body
By Nikhil
There are a quiet a few new mergers happeining in Insurnce sector, should the insured be allowed...
Tags: exit m& a
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By snehalata.swami
duedue to company policies and wages vs due to managers
Tags: why do people change their jobs
1066 referals, 41 arguments, 1920 views  
By Gargi Sinha
It is a general situation everywhere. Employee attrition is on rise with companies losing their...
Tags: attrition hr policies employee attrition should companies change their hr policies to control attrition
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