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921 referals, 33 arguments, 679 views  
By Deepak Kubal
After saturday's early morning crash raises the obvious question like, 1. How safe is it to fly...
Tags: bajpe airport 160 dead in mangalore air crash air crash in mangalore mangalore airport ai flight air india plane crash in mangalore
534 referals, 13 votes, 527 views  
By Kavitha Shankar
The latest Airplane crash which happened in Mangalore is one of the biggest airplane crash that...
Tags: mangalore airplane crash mangalore airplane incident airplane crashes
710 referals, 4 votes, 215 views  
By Anita Sawant
I was a Girl Scout in my younger days, and our motto was: ‘Be Prepared’ . As I awoke to the...
Tags: investments risks in investment how to cover risks before its too late covering risks in investment
1580 referals, 37 arguments, 1141 views  
By Mahalakshmi Subramanium
We were familiar with the nokia battery exploding and it was really disastrous. Now Apple's...
Tags: technology iphone apple battery
0 referals, 1 comments, 64 views  
By B V Krishnamurthy
The air tragedy at Mangalore last week that claimed some 160 lives has raised several questions...
Tags: how safe is public transportation?
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