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By Disha Roy
According to a latest report, one of the foremost reasons for the unsatisfied higher education...
Tags: india development tech education

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By Leena Pawar
Indian companies have gained significant success over the last 20 years in the global IT and...
Tags: india it it industry it companies indian it industry indian electronic products indian electronics products a $100 billion opportunity
10 referals, 2 comments, 139 views  
By Anil Kumar Singh
"Global standards". One doesn't hear the words quite as often as one did four or five years ago....
Tags: One Corporate Governance Even Likely Desirable Global Model Parent Firms Offspring Independent Management
26 referals, 19 arguments, 880 views  
By Mr Khirod Gogoi
Poor people and rich families
Tags: human resources
By Pragya Kothari
Floods triggered by heavy rains have killed at least 200 people in the past five days in Andhra...
Tags: natural disaster floods floods wreak havoc floods in andhra pradesh floods in karnataka
Asked by Abraham Paul
The days of conventional wars had gone and most of us believe that war is not the solution for...
Tags: army's role in nation building process.
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