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By Diya Mehra
In many work places, these days the problems of organisational confliction due to "not so good"...
Tags: relationship conflict conflict management old employees new employees relationship building organisational conflict
1322 referals, 10 votes, 349 views  
By Janaki Ram
Firms are desperate to rein in high attrition levels, India’s top information technology (IT)...
Tags: employee retention salary hike indian employees attrition levels stem attrition attrition levels in india
0 referals, 9 arguments, 2624 views  
By Sudhansu Panda
Nearly 80% of top executives polled in a recent survey said that earning a graduate degree in...
Tags: Executive MBA Pros Cons
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By Darshana Sawant
A mentor, basically, is someone who serves as a counselor or guide. Being asked to serve as a...
Tags: mentor mentorship employee mentorship company mentorship what to look for in a mentor mentorship at work place
By Dipika Das
Job hopping is a common phenomenon, but in a recent global survey India stands at the first...
Tags: job hopping workforce indian employees acquiring new skills learning new skills career advancement make more money skip jobs indian workforce
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