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By PS Dhingra
Whether in service, profession or business, we normally forget a very important aspect of life,...
Tags: hr strategy motivation performance management personal development self development work-life balance employee productivity employee development life skills training needs
1273 referals, 41 arguments, 582 views  
Be it man or woman.. This question is of vital importance..The new emerging world economy has...
Tags: job career work companies profession
By Dipika Das
Job hopping is a common phenomenon, but in a recent global survey India stands at the first...
Tags: job hopping workforce indian employees learning new skills acquiring new skills career advancement make more money skip jobs indian workforce
447 referals, 14 arguments, 534 views  
By girija naik
Decapitalization from capital intensive industries to knowledge based industries is the prsent...
Tags: todays gen y are very enthusiastic and look for the fastest growth
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By Fazalur Rahman
Career - Not Just a Job, But the Future Authors : -     Dr. J.P.Jafarulla, M.B.A., Ph.D.,...
Tags: hr attitude career human resources planning vision mantra positive progess life time achievement
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