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By Niranjan prasad Y S
When will be an employee satisfies with his job..?
Tags: when will be an employee satisfies with his job..?
576 referals, 19 arguments, 957 views  
By Sudeep Tarafdar
Many companies in India like Infosys, EDS Mphasis are all asking their former employers to come...
Tags: companies employees who had quit employee quitting getting back to the company
833 referals, 56 arguments, 1842 views  
By Rajender Sharma
Citing performance appraisal as task is an important part of a managers work. This is...
Tags: performance appraisal performance apprisal
628 referals, 21 votes, 1251 views  
By Priyanka Dixit
Many a times an employee working in an organisation wants to move over to a new firm, just for a...
Tags: employees performance organisations bosses employer firms awards incentives
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Asked by Namrata C Ramnath
Tags: moral boost
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