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By Samir Das
At VMworld on Monday IBM announced what it called the industry’s first public desktop cloud. It...
Tags: cloud computing cloud computing 2009 cloud 09.
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By Leena Pawar
What will be the major change and trends we will see in the field of cloud computing in 2010....
Tags: internet technology mobile future web cloud computing cloud applications
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By sumitra dutta
    The opportunity in India is big and cloud is still in the early stages of adoption.Cloud...
Tags: cloud computing new technology
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By Prarthana Devi
Already under pressure, IT pros face new competition for their jobs from cloud services. Which...
Tags: internet technology mobile web cloud computing it jobs cloud applications
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By SidharthaKasiraju
THis article gives us good insights on from where ROI comes in cloud computin. It is based on...
Tags: cloud computing roi
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