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By Arun Raj
The Acer brand of laptops are viewed as a low quality laptop. Often for a lower price, Acer...
Tags: brand price quality acer laptops
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By Saravanan Rajenan
Brand Blog , a marketing and branding information blog. Providing a daily dose of news and...
Tags: Brands Bad BLOGS Word Of Mouth User Generated Contents
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By J Venkat
we have seen some brands are successful with name, Ex TATA, some with logo, Eg : Benz,. Themes...
Tags: logo name
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By Jayant Vishnu
There are several problems arising out of visual merchandising. Lets discuss those under this...
Tags: problems visual merchandising
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By Purvi Ghosh
I am often asked who’s the biggest celeb of them all? Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Shah...
Tags: branding image celebrity brand building celebrity endorsements are only celebrities a better bet for brand building? ads endorsements
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