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By Kishor
Trying to understand what would candidates prefer an email or an SMS way of communication.....wh...
Tags: communication email way of communicating sms or e-mail to contact a candidate. to reach candidate
435 referals, 16 arguments, 1818 views  
By Sujai C
As we know, era of postal mails was engulfed by emails. In marketing perspective now the combat...
Tags: social media marketing email marketing social media network
0 referals, 4 arguments, 3235 views  
By Sachin Pande
Almost all public space has some advertisements in sight and all forms of media, from newspapers...
Tags: Advertising Society Having Widespread
2033 referals, 8 votes, 198 views  
By Sarika Singh
Sometimes we find a mail in our inbox which makes us feel really bad. They say "I hate you" or...
Tags: warnings feelings about hate mails disturbing hate mails reasons for hate mails hate mail
1374 referals, 12 votes, 290 views  
By Diya Mehra
Business etiquette encompasses much more than simply knowing how, when, and whether to hold a...
Tags: email etiquette
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