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By Gargi Sinha
In this challenging situation where there are so many job cuts and pay offs, the leaders require...
Tags: leadership leaders skills
14 referals, 32 arguments, 2029 views  
By vijay raut
Now that the elections are over, the kings in place and the heir apparent's, apparent the...
Tags: marketing management sales advertising leadership
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By Arun Raj
The Acer brand of laptops are viewed as a low quality laptop. Often for a lower price, Acer...
Tags: brand price quality acer laptops
560 referals, 41 arguments, 850 views  
By Renne Sharma
Competence is the state or quality of being adequately or well qualified, having the ability to...
Tags: leadership skills competency
By Gargi Sinha
Change and managing change are common among managers, management experts, and consultants, but...
Tags: Employee Leadership Change Manager Layoffs Affects Consultants Individual Leading Management Experts
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