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Local Phone vs Mobile Phone
Tags: what are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone
By Sudeep Tarafdar
Mobile can provide a unique ability for a brand to connect with their consumer like never...
Tags: Mobile Brands Customers Mean Connect Utilize
1 referals, 5 votes, 163 views  
By Kishor
Trying to understand what would candidates prefer an email or an SMS way of communication.....wh...
Tags: communication email to reach candidate way of communicating sms or e-mail to contact a candidate.
By Himanshu Pathak
Dear friends, the recent decision of banning pre-paid mobile connections in Kashmir from Sunday...
Tags: government mobile phone terrorists kashmir militants bann angry
1 referals, 2 arguments, 120 views  
By Bhavesh Mehta
This topic is one of the biggest for Computer users. In India APPLE Mac which use OS X system...
Tags: windows iphone pc windows xp windows vista apple mac mac os x
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