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By Kishor
Trying to understand what would candidates prefer an email or an SMS way of communication.....wh...
Tags: communication email to reach candidate way of communicating sms or e-mail to contact a candidate.
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By Vanesa Dawson
The Word Bulk SMS Service has changed the whole scenario of the traditional marketing strategies...
Tags: bulk sms company bulk sms service changing scenario for business in india bulk sms india bulk sms servcie
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By jiks
instead of using the calling to a person gives good thoughts
Tags: why we want to use sms
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By Sonal Singh
Lots of people believe that once data i.e. GPRS, 3G etc is everywhere then SMS would be dead and...
Tags: 3g sms gprs messaging call rates sms technology instant text m send message
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By Deepak Agrawal
You may soon have to pay for your mobile alerts from banks and airlines which you currently get...
Tags: telecom communication sms alert
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