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23 referals, 22 arguments, 578 views  
By Manjunath A.V
yes vs no
Tags: do ads really convey what they suppose to?
0 referals, 4 arguments, 3235 views  
By Sachin Pande
Almost all public space has some advertisements in sight and all forms of media, from newspapers...
Tags: Advertising Society Having Widespread
0 referals, 4 votes, 1518 views  
By Jayant Vishnu
There are several problems arising out of visual merchandising. Lets discuss those under this...
Tags: problems visual merchandising
By Avijit Sarkar
Yes vs No
Tags: Social Networks Terms Privacy Downfall Civilization
By Akhilesh Majumdar
Every job has its own responsibilities. But visual mechandising job has somewhat unique features...
Tags: job visual merchandising responsibilities
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