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By Rajiv Azad
Should we shun democracy vs Take to street to awake napping government.
Tags: scam and corrupt politicians
0 referals, 1 arguments, 57 views  
By Muthukumar
In the top CBI officials meeting, our Indian PM too feels that the Corrupted Big Fish slip...
0 referals, 1 arguments, 0 views  
By Pavan Sadashiv
There is no option to choose a correct leader for our country vs Govt is trying its best, our...
Tags: are we really encouraging corrupt politicians to lead our country?
By neelmani bhatia
I would not say the country is going to dogs, though it would be better if it did for I find...
Tags: indian govt corrupt politicians
237 referals, 4 comments, 119 views  
By Naveen Dhyani
What happens to a big leader or politician, when he is charged with charges like corruption..? A...
Tags: corrupt politicians need to be punished..
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