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By Anil Kumar Singh
One who has been in the business would be knowing his failure's, like why he failed and what was...
1156 referals, 2 votes, 167 views  
By Renne Sharma
Issues related to demand appear to have largely receded for information technology (IT) service...
Tags: attrition it employees attrition it firms leaving deals on table it workforce
248 referals, 9 comments, 579 views  
By Rohit Mittal
Adapted From Steve Chriest I can almost see professor Peter Drucker, widely acknowledged as the...
Tags: back to basics with peter drucker
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By Meena Deshmukh
We all know that handling customers is a very important. It not only let us know out limitations...
Tags: lessons handling customers
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By Himanshu Pathak
In todays competitive scenario everyone wants something new or innovative. Companies are coming...
Tags: media media planning innovations in media media buying new product launch
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