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20 referals, 1 comments, 142 views  
By Shikha Malhotra
I came across this article yesterday and thought of sharing with you all. The India Inc has...
Tags: power cuts energy conservation energy source clean energy sources home energy consumption home energy systems
27 referals, 0 comments, 153 views  
By Abraham Paul
Virtual Mobile Networks for quick rural telecom growth. In spite of the many hiccups in the...
Tags: virtual mobile networks for faster growth of rural telecom
36 referals, 2 comments, 289 views  
By P. Abraham Paul
  Give impetus to Rural Telecom.   By Abraham Paul, MD CEO Future Groups (India), FCOMNET (UAE)...
Tags: TELECOM Give Rural TELECOM Development Hampering Impetus
110 referals, 11 comments, 171 views  
By P. Abraham Paul
Segregation of Telecom Service Provision and Network Operation. In spite of the few hiccups in...
Tags: segregation of telecom service provison and network operation.
272 referals, 220 arguments, 17591 views  
By Darpan Sinha
We all may have done job switches but the qes is why?? What motivates a person to do a change ......
Tags: Jobs Change People
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