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By Sandeep Thakur
Earthquake  Resistant Buildings   Seismic effects on the structure Effect of Inertia in a...
Tags: effect of inertia in a building when shaken at its base
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By Anjali Sinha
As I was going through my news paper this caught my immediate attention, which had something do...
Tags: construction buildings construction industry construction technology earthquake resistant structures

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By anup kumar pathak
1: What Causes Earthquakes? 2 : How the Ground Shakes? 3 : What are Magnitude and Intensity? 4 :...
483 referals, 22 votes, 1123 views  
By Pragya Kothari
Everyody wants to live undera roof that will provide protection against natures fury. To some...
Tags: strong buildings future strong buildings building strong structures building strength
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By B D Narayankar
Lodha - building flats for socialites in Hyderabad B D Narayankar YOU GO abroad and stay in a...
Tags: Building HYDERABAD Flats LODHA Socialites
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