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Election Results 15532=15
0 referals, 3 arguments, 16 views  
By kanukurthy sudershanrao
People want change vs Anti Incumbancy vote
Tags: election results
8 referals, 1 arguments, 90 views  
By Chitra Sena Bhuyan
Changing of Society: In future Election changes to Examination: if it success then human live...
Tags: election changing to examiniation
1959 referals, 17 arguments, 816 views  
By mridul k p
representative of political parties vs representatives of common man
Tags: whom do you select in elections??
0 referals, 9 arguments, 247 views  
By Arun Pawar
As in most of the Elections one can easily make out how much money will be spent by the...
Tags: general elections polls voting elections 2009 elections in india india elections
0 referals, 1 arguments, 144 views  
By Dharmesh Shah
When we talk about Govt, lets us first decide who elects them ?? We are electing them, then do...
Tags: Rights Voting Citizen Duties
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