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Asked by Abraham Paul
Like bureaucrats and technocrats in government service, it is desirable to fix an age limit for...
Tags: age limit for the candidates contesting elections to assemblies and parliament.
By Jay Makwana
Like Senior IAS officers Politicians should be made to appear for Special Selection procedure....
Tags: better india election reforms better politicians
284 referals, 34 arguments, 686 views  
By Himanshu Joshi
The current scenario in the country suggests that all is not well with our systems. Executive,...
Tags: politicians ministers public servants elected representatives
121 referals, 2 arguments, 68 views  
By Nitin Mehra
Yes There Should be vs No It is not Required
Tags: is there is a exam test for politician like i.a.s.
0 referals, 1 arguments, 80 views  
By nikhil deshpande
SC action true and genuin vs SC action just a planned stunt from government
Tags: indian black money in swiss bank
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