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By Sasi Dash
The holistic marketing concept advocates the philosophy that businesses must develop products...
Tags: business branding green concept embrace

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By Leena Pawar
Intrapreneurship is all total a different ball game. Big guns have started to think about it...
Tags: corporate intrapreneurship why should corporations embrace intrapreneurship
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By Charles davison
A article I received by mail which I thought was worth sharing here When I was a little boy, I...
Tags: relationship happiness perfection chapati embracing imperfection
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By Sudeep Tarafdar
Offshoring is used these days by the IT industries. It saves the cost and time of those...
Tags: outsourcing bpo kpo offshoring public sector
Today's businesses are largely managed to minimize  risk and often suffer from a "not-invented"...
Tags: principles will innovate better organisations that embrace cheaper and faster. open-design
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By Meena Deshmukh
These days, a growing number of online brands are utilising TV adverts to market themselves. It...
Tags: internet brands online tv online advertising cyber internet brands online brands