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By Sumedha Sachdeva
With the increasing clutter and a large no. of brands competing for the consumer's share of...
Tags: activation btl on-ground activation
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By Kavitha Shankar
Addressing the SAARC conference in Pakistan capital, Chidambaram pointed out that other regional...
Tags: terrorism asia asia pacific south asia region south asia progress south asia growth
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By Paramesh H
Inorder to grow as a young manager, what should be there as path-breaking device for easy...
Tags: technocrat into management
By Arnab Sen
Consumers are seeing more and more bizarre styles of professional appearance in the marketplace....
Tags: Business Employees Branding Customers Customer Service Impacts Image Perspective Directly Dress Code Business Image Dressing Style Business Attire
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By Devarajan Venkataraman
As everybody is talking about green these days, so what about the homes that are built, each n...
Tags: Construction INDIAN Environment Homes Green Building House Build ECO Friendly Luxurious