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Knowledge about: finding faults

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56 referals, 23 arguments, 417 views  
By Raghu Kastury
Why people always complain about things that are not there rather than finding something from...
Tags: success failure light degree dark seeing

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Puzzle 15949=23
0 referals, 3 comments, 25 views  
By Pooja Joshi
  Old building- What’s wrong with the picture?   Can you find the fault here ? ? ? ? ?
Tags: can you find the fault here ?
83 referals, 1 votes, 171 views  
A team of Managers was given an assignment to measure the height of a Flagpole. So the Managers...
Tags: managers
0 referals, 2 arguments, 0 views  
Suport Om Puri vs OM Puri is Wrong
Tags: ompuri's statement in ramleela grounds and mp's reactions
18 referals, 12 arguments, 848 views  
By Dinesh Waitage
Yes vs No
Tags: do you support anna hajare compaign?
By Savita Dalvi
People don’t work harder and smarter because the company will benefit. People take steps in new...
Tags: productivity sales managers sales professionals interactions
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