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By Radha Sundaram
Over 38 lakh customers opted for mobile number portability (MNP) - which allows users to switch...
Tags: mnp. mobile number portability mobile number portability in india indian mobile operators

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By Amit Madhav
Will India ever grow as rapidly as China? If so, how might that occur? Where to invest and why ?
Tags: INDIA China Winner Emerge
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concept of principle of natural justice B-5/b/23 Feb THIS IS A SEQUEL TO MY BLOG B-5/07Feb WITH...
Tags: construction contracts formulation and management
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By Dipen Trivedi
As project managers, we want to create the best possible team environment to attract and retain...
Tags: project teams develop team project management trends great project teams
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By Himanshu Pathak
If someone cheers for Pakistan even being Indian we cannot stop them. After all everyone has...
Tags: india-paksitan india cheerleaders cheerleaders cheer for india pakistan cheering for india
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By Manjunath A.V
yes vs no
Tags: do ads really convey what they suppose to?
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