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308 referals, 13 arguments, 215 views  
By Leena Pawar
Very soon Google is launching applications allowing its users to share their status with other...
Tags: google facebook twitter
1510 referals, 32 arguments, 762 views  
By Sonam Kapoor
I just had to create this debate, just when I woke up and saw news online, I was surprised to...
Tags: google facebook social networking twitter buzz google buzz can google create buzz gmail status updates
105 referals, 5 arguments, 119 views  
By Jayesh Jain
Its been more than 2 days that Google buzz has been launched on our Gmail, and many are already...
Tags: google facebook google buzz social networking tool
0 referals, 9 arguments, 206 views  
By Inder Monga
Email has unquestionably been the most successful application of the Internet. Everyone uses...
Tags: google innovation applications communications email collaboration wave new technologies google wave obsolete gtd
233 referals, 18 arguments, 590 views  
By sumitra dutta
Google Inc's Web-based email service Gmail suffered its second high-profile technical problem...
Tags: google problem google apps gmail technical gmail outage
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